What Are the Consequences of the New Drone Rules? – iHLS – i-HLS – Israel Homeland Security

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What Are the Consequences of the New Drone Rules? – iHLS  i-HLS – Israel Homeland Security עברית (Hebrew). The number of unmanned drones is expected to double in ...

Laser drones ‘to protect Scottish forests’ – BBC News

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Laser drones ‘to protect Scottish forests’  BBC News The drones use lidar to create a 3D picture to assess the health of what lies beneath the forest canopy. Source link The post Laser drones ...

Drone-us Patronus: The Dark Art Of Elevating The Multibillion-Dollar ‘Harry Potter’ Franchise – Forbes

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Drone-us Patronus: The Dark Art Of Elevating The Multibillion-Dollar ‘Harry Potter’ Franchise  Forbes The minds behind ‘The Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle’ talk about the work behind...


Magyar Nemzeti Szinház és Művészetek Palotája

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The building lies on the bank of the Danube, in the Ferencváros district, between the Soroksári road, the Grand Boulevard and the Lágymányosi Bridge, and is a five-minute walk from the Csepel HÉV. The area of the thea...

Toulouse, France

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Lac des Castors, Montréal, Qc, Canada

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Le lac des Castors dans le parc de la montagne avec des patins et des toboggans.

Praia de Macaé

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Praia dos Cavalheiros, Macaé

Melbourne, Australia

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Melbourne horizon - crop

ivano-frankivsk park

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ivano-frankivsk park


Salton Sea

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Beboping in Harm's Way, cruising over the mud volcanoes of the Salton Sea. #BEBOPYOURWORLD


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Walking on air

West Coast North America

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Captured during several trips up and down the west coast in 2015

Puente Ayuda

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Vista aérea desde dron de Puente Ayuda

Hatford lock on the river Severn

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Hatford lock on Worcestershire canal ring


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Ring road iceland



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Bebop 2 (altitude 540m & Crash) Идем на рекорд высоты и скорости

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Autonomous Flight. Successfully climbed the 540m. A strong gust of wind blew it at 4 km. The battery is dead and CRASH. (( Thanks GPS tracker I could find my ... source

Praia da Costa, Vila Velha, Espírito Santo, Brazil

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Vôo junto aos parapentes na orla de Vila Velha.

Suances , Cantabria , España

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Una agradable manera de recorrer los márgenes del río Saja y el estuario de San Martín de la Arena desde su desembocadura en el Cantábrico hasta Barros (Los Corrales de Buelna) es darse un paseo en bicicleta por la se...

Downtown Brickell Miami Florida

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Brickell centro Downtown Miami Florida

The Hershey Centre

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Shooting some aerial shots for Rogers TV!



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Tomas Varias

Ratchada Road

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Alliance Lp Drones Ltd.


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Harwich Suffolk,United Kingdom


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Lake view in Tula region, Russia

Can the DJI Phantom 3 Standard Survive EXTREME Winds??

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In this video, I test something that I have been wanting an answer to for a long time...and that you may have had too: how well does the DJI Phantom 3 Standard ... source


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Humming Drone "Aerial Image Specialists"