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Desert Shores

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These drone photos are not published here for any photo competition as they are not pretty, but rather a reflection of California’s largest looming environmental catastrophe. I didn’t run them through Photoshop and Li...


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Real estate

Szczawnik Poland

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Edecan bailando durante el carnaval 2016

Space winery

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Portia winery from above gives a spaceship impression

Lloyd Elsmore Park, Pakuranga, Auckland

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Back before I had a gimbal, when we were still allowed to fly at Lloyd Elsmore Park. Oh the fun of chasing around the planes... and the planes chasing me!

Vallée de Joux (VD) (Suisse)

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Lac de Joux dans le Jura Vaudois

TeKauKau Point

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TeKauKau Point New Zealand

Temple Sanam Yae, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

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This is the first temple we ever flew in Thailand. They wanted a roof inspection by means other than climbing a ladder, we had a drone and wanted to photograph pretty things. It was a match made in heaven and we rem...



Explore the best aerial footage

Sailing in Costabrava

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Sailing in Costabrava

Montebello Castle, Bellinzona, Switzerland

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Aerial drone video of Montebello Castle, Bellinzona - Switzerland - (HD)

Temple of Sanam Yae, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

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Drone footage from some roof inspections I did for the monks of this temple.


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Being a city that loves bicycles, it was easy for Copenhagen to decide to build a lot more bridges, and connecting the city center with surrounding areas via several smaller pedestrian and bicycle bridges across the i...


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short footage at Prague over the river Moldau (Vltava)

Wakeboarding – Bobby Carne

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Bobby Carne - Wakeboarding

2 alpes

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le chemin du sappey

Mi Ciudad Inteligente II

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MI CIUDAD INTELIGENTE | MCI2 Proyecto de análisis y difusión de #CiudadesInteligentes en España. 82 ciudades pertenecientes a la RECI – Red Española de Ciudades Inteligentes -. Sígue...

Gorodok, Ukraine

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Droneman dronie in the Gorodok town



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