The city and The night. Part two

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As in the title

Miami, FLorida

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Flying over Biscayne Bay, Miami, Florida

Escape from our house quarantine for a short walk

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Covid is keeping us cooped up plenty, so I appreciate the shorts walks more than I ever have in the past.

Câmpulung, Romania

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Câmpulung, Romania

A Sweet Summer

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The Sea Point Pools in Cape Town are remarkable for their setting, cutting into the sea. For a small fee, people can spend the whole day at these historic pools.

Football field

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Football field


Worcestershire countryside

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Last rays of sun on the countryside of Worcestershire

Bromo Volcano

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Crater drive through Bromo 4 Wheel Trail

Worcestershire countryside

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Evening time in the Worcestershire countryside

Staro Nagoricane

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Temple near Sanam Yae, Ta Maga, Kanchanaburi

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We had never flown this temple before, but apparently the local monks had been talking and these monks welcomed us with open arms.

Mallorca, Spain

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Mallorca, Spain


Playa de Gueirua, Cudillero, Asturias

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The beach is a place to Gueirua ideal for creativity, we leave these images snorkeling in crystal clear water through quartz rocks and shales. La playa de Gueirua es un lugar para ideal para la creatividad, os deja...

Half Moon Bay, CA

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Start of the Half moon Bay International Marathon. Still frame from 1080P video from my GH3 flying on my Cinestar 8.

Canal Woodin, New Caledonia

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Une ballade en Arpège dans le Sud de la Nouvelle-Calédonie, entre l'île Ouen et la Grande-Terre (Canal Woodin)


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Kitesurf Trip November 2016 to Mauritius Island. Swimming with dolphins, climbing mountains, kitesurfing, snorkeling, wakeboarding, diving, surfing is just some of the things you can enjoy there along with nice peop...


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Piloto Thomas Silva - DOWNHILL Bicicleta - EXTRALIGHT

Golf de Villeray par Drone

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Découvrez le golf de Villeray par Drone


Lahbab desert

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Lahbab desert jeep

Dji phantom 3 Trabzon / Türkiye ilk uçuş için bilgileri (first flight)

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sorularınız için source


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SAM! MY DOPE MERCH [this is not an endorsement or suggestion to purchase, ... source

Southern California Loop

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Every weekend we take an isolation break and drive out to where we know there will be no people. The Saturday we got a nice combination of desert foothills, abandoned mining town, and mountain sunsets.

Umhlanga Rocks Lighthouse

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Red splash edit on the Umhlanga Lighthouse tower

SMCHS Construction Drone Video – July 2018

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Drone construction footage of the new SMCHS - July 2018. source


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