Time to Fly # 15
Abandoned places – ghost city like Silent Hill. Aerial Phantom 4 & GoPro 4 + Feiyu g4s

Abandoned places always attract adventurers and just those who are looking for new emotions and sensations.

But to see a whole destroyed city on a huge square – for this it was good idea to travel a few hundred kilometers from Moscow.

As a landmark in the video – this is the territory of the former chemical plant, one of the largest in Europe. But in the 80s it fell into decay because of the crisis in the USSR and because of the bad ecology that had a negative impact on the health of local citizens in the area.

Film was made in the beginning of January 2017 by drone DJI Phantom 4 and GoPro 4 Hero Black Edition with stabilizer Feiyu g4s.

Music: Echo-ES – Pulse (Dark Ambient)

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17 March 2017