Nature reserve Spinner, The reserve covers a rocky island mountains , to a height of over 20 meters, built of coarse sandstone Ciężkowickie, which under the influence of erosion took the original shapes. The individual rocks have their own names, .: Spinner-mother, Spinner-Baba, Herszt. The name of the reserve comes from a legend proclaiming that the rocks are girls exchanged in stone, punished for spinning flax in celebration.
By all means anyone can use the footage if they want but I have to be credited.
Music: Atomik Music Co. – EB 011 Firefly.
My Set Up.
I’m flying a DJI Phantom 2 with Zenmuse, GoPro Hero 4 Black. AVL64 + BlackPearl. I filmed in 4K 30fps with Protunes ON.
Removed the fisheye effect in GoPro Studio, edited and graded with Final Cut Pro.

  • : Czarnorzeki
  • : Pelczara
  • : Podkarpackie
  • : Poland

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16 May 2015