My first dronie, during my first flight ever with Parrot Bebop!
So happy that I have finally tried it!

  • : Dijon
  • : somewhere in Asnières-lès-Dijon
  • : France
  • : France

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23 September 2016


  • M DRONE 2 years ago


  • I see that you live near Dijon. I’ll be in that region next summer. Are the rules for drone-flying very strict in France???

    • Veronika 2 years ago

      I was in Dijon for a while! Now I’m living in Lyon. You’re going there for holidays? It’s a very nice region!
      I don’t know what to call really strict, I haven’t been flying in other countries, luckily it’s not banned like in Sweden but yes they are still rules to follow. You cannot fly in the cities, few other forbidden zones… there’s a maximum high level autorisation of 150m…it depends of type of drone, number of habitants and zones, etc…But if you’re careful and responsible user there should be no problem :) Still as the rules are changing a lot with the expansion of drones, so I recommend you to check the rules in France before your arrival. Or try to write in the FORUM, there are many experienced French pilots on Dronestagram that may help you. :)

  • Many thanks Veronika for commenting on my photo