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Cocoa Beach Pier

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Paddling Out at the Cocoa Beach Pier

Entrance to Port Canaveral

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Navigational Locks

Cocoa Beach Pier

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1 Drone Gal paddle boarding the surf.

Banana River Intercoastal

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Sinking Ship in the River at Sunset

Blowing Rocks Preserve

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Sunrise at Blowing Rocks Preserve

Banana River Intercoastal

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Ski Island at sunset.

Banana River Causeway Bridge

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Intercoastal Island

Port Canaveral

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Royal Caribbean's Luxury Ship, "Oasis of the Seas" leaving port.

Banana River Causeway Bridge

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Heading west on the causeway bridge chasing the sun.

Banana River Intercostal

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Bird Rookery at the Intercostal Island

Prettyboy Resevoir

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Prettyboy Dam

Merritt Island

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SR 528 Causeway Bridge at Sunset

Prettyboy Dam

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Prettyboy Resevoir Park

Merritt Island

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Causeway Bridge to Merritt Island at Sunset

Blowing Rocks Preserve

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Sunrise at Blowing Rocks

Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA

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Winds were kicking and the kiteboarders were out in abundance. Two cruise ship departing in the distance.

Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA

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"Surfs Up" Overhead low altitude shot of surfers at Cocoa Beach Pier.

Cape Canaveral, FLorida, USA

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"On Top of the World" Looking east toward the sunrise from about 200 feet altitude to catch a fishing boat passing through the sun's reflection.

Cocoa, Florida, USA

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Airboat coming home after a day on the river. Captured at sunset on the St. Johns River.

Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA

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Overhead shot of the emerald green waters rolling in at the Florida Space Coast.

Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA

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Setting sun rays bursting through the clouds in this low altitude drone shot featuring Atlantic waves rolling in to the shore.

Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA

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Canaveral Lock, the largest navigation lock in Florida was constructed by the US Army Corps of Engineers in 1965 to secure safe passage of vessels from the Banana River to Port Canaveral and the Atlantic Ocean. The lo...

Merritt Island, Florida, USA

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The Causeway Bridge that connects Merritt Island to the mainland at sunset.

Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA

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The infamous Pier in Cocoa Beach, Florida captured with this low altitude drone shot.