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Down the road

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Inception style drone photo-panorama

Nature’s mechanical music box

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Flight over a hay field full of hay rolls

Agriculture in Dobrogea, Romania

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Fresh land ready for cultivation

Diagonal battle

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Rape field invaded by poppies

Cimitirul Eroilor, Slobozia, Ialomița, ROU

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Romania The military cemetery of Slobozia Eternity Street No. 2 Built in 1932 by „Heroe's Cult“ Society, Bucharest Here rest in peace: 214 algerians, 142 indians, 10 englishmen, 77 romanians, 1 frenchman, 1493 tur...

Lidl Slobozia, Stația de epurare

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Parcarea Lidl Slobozia, Stația de epurare a apei

Lacul Fundata, Ialomița, România

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Swans on Fundata Lake

Railway bridge over Ialomița River

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Railway bridge over Ialomița River near Slobozia, vied from 183m above ground

Piscul Crăsani, Ialomița, ROU

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Crop field viewed from 228m above ground

Parcul Mare

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Parcul Mare, Slobozia - view from 40m above ground.