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360 Degrees of The Oval (Limassol – Sea Front)

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The Oval

Souskiou Cyprus

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A short video about an abandoned village called Souskiou located in the Southwest corner of Cyprus once home to over 300 Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

Tsirio Limassol Cyprus

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Mixing Religion with Football

Cyprus Limassol

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Cyprus Limassol Yachting

Cyprus Limassol

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Traditional Cyprus village wedding Bepop Ambassador Video

Yerovassa Cyprus

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Whilst driving near Yerovassa we stumbled upon this natural beauty (waterfall) so we thought you shouldn't miss out hence we captured it with our drone. Hope you enjoy.

Kamares Aquaduct Larnaca Cyprus

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Kamares Aquaduct Larnaca The Kamares (meaning 'arches') was built in 1747, was considered to be the "most prominent" water supply ever built in Cyprus. It was Financed by Ebubekir Pasha who was the Ottoman Governor ...

Saint Lazarus Church Cyprus Larnca

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The Church is named after the New Testament friend of Jesus whom he rose from the dead which is recounted in the Gospel of St John 11:41-44 that is Lazarus of Bethany. Architectural styles: Baroque architecture, Ro...

Tsirio Stadium Football Training

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Shakhtar Donetsk Ukranian League Champions 2013/2014 Visit Cyprus for Two Friendly Matches with : Aris 3:4 Shakhtar 29.03.15 AEL 1:1 Shakhtar 27.03.15 We thank them for the visit and wish them a safe flight back.

Skouriotissa Copper Mines Nicosia Cyprus

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Skouriotissa is a village in the Nicosia District of Cyprus and the site of the former Skourotissa mines. Today the area is largely uninhabited with only 8 people remaining in the village. As of 2011 the village becam...

Limassol Carnival Cyprus 2015

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Limassol Carnival Cyprus 2015

Germasogeia Dam Limassol Cyprus

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Germasogiea Dam Limassol Cyprus Germasogeia Dam has a length of 0.84 kilometres. The Dam in the footage looks fairly empty. This was taken just before the heavy rainfalls in winter Jan 2015. I plan to go again to di...