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Field in Bois Anzeray 27330 Upper Normandy France

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Field in Normandy

United Kindom

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A top down photo of a Claas Combine Harvester working on the Oilseed harvest


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Hong Kong

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hong Kong

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Hong Kong

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Hong Kong

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A natural Mirror

hong kong

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Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL

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This is what we see when pointing the camera 90° towards the ground, during a walk, at Copacabana Beach.

Sand Dunes

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This dunes surrounded the "Ojo de Libre" lagoon. This place is the one of most important habitat for the reproduction and wintering of the gray whale. I take this shot when i was producing my mini series Exploring Ba...

Whale shark and tourists

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In La Paz Bay every year hundreds of teen whale sharks came to eat. Is incredible how 10 minutes away from the city you can spot many of this incredible animals. This was a picture taken in the production of my mini s...

Big Sur, California

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Big Sur, California Series 1 : One of our favorite spots along the Rt. 1 California coastline. Watching the elephant seals gather on the beach in there natural environment is breathtaking. Conditions : Early mo...

Voorhout, The Netherlands

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Multi colored tulip fields, a canal and men inspecting the fields for virus infected tulips, which the remove when found. The \"tulip mania\" area in Holland is a dream landscape for a drone pilot. I´ve seen aerial im...

Foret Noyée, Nouvelle Calédonie

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This place is a natural parc I use to go. This is a beautiful place with its 2 rivers : the blue river and the white one. If your are lucky you can see some cagou, the new-caledonia endemic bird.

French Polynesia

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Snorkeling with shark - Wild nature in french Polynesia This picture was a magical moment, we realize this image with our exclusive partner Tim McKenna photography in a shooting session for a international brand. Th...

dhaka, Bangladesh

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*Looking for the network* through the pea-soup fog on a winter morning! ^_^

Plastira’s Lake-Greece.

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Colors Of Silence-Aerial Rizikianos.

Taha’a lagoon, French Polynesia

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“Trou de la pieuvre” dans le lagon commun de Taha’a et Raiatea, deux îles perdues de Polynésie Française… Une grotte de 60m de profondeur qui s’enfonce dans le récif et qui fait la joie des plongeurs subaquatiques. ...


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Xochimilco is characterized by the existence of a system of canals, which measure about a total of 170 km2. These canals, and the small colorful boats that float on them among artificially created land called chinampa...