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Laguna de Cotacotani

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Parinacota and Pomerape volcanoes in the coming sunset light. Vertical drone pano. Lauca National Park, Chile

The Big Octopus

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The Green Island of Karadag

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Drone pano. Koktebel, Crimea

Island of Bears

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Eastern Greenland

Icebergs Dance

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The dawn for coming fast, I had to choose between land or drone photography. I decided to launch my drone and was not at all disappointed.

Negev Desert Pano

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Timna Valley, Israel

Wrinkles of the Earth

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Dry lake Mungo, Mungo National Park, Australia

Road in the Desert

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Vertical Pano. Mungo National Park, Australia

After sunset pano

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Mungo National Park, Australia

Dry Lake Mungo

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Mungo National Park, New South Wales, Australia

Autumn Pond

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River Atchafalaya basin, Texas

Mungo Moonrise

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Mungo National Park, Australia. It's not allowed to walk there not to damage gorgeous formations of this dry lake (only cangaroos are welcome!). So drone was a beautiful solution, flying far away and at minimum altit...

Glen Affric Pano

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Glen Affric, Caledonian Forest Reserve, Scotland

Balnakeil Bay (Panorama)

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Drone pano

Torrisdale Bay

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Torrisdale Bay, Nothern Scotland. Drone pano at 530 m

Torrisdale Bay and River Borgie

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Torrisdale Bay and River Borgie drone panorama

Kyle of Tongue and Ben Hope panorama

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Between two showers

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Near Loch Maree, Scotland. I was using drone as a conventional camera this time. Just hovering few meters above the stream to get the higher shooting point.

Amado Morning

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Amado Beach, Vicentina National Park, Portugal. Drone panorama

The Big Spitzkoppe Mountain (Panorama)

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Groot Spitzkop, or the "Matterhorn of Namibia", is a group of beautiful pink granite peaks. Spitzkoppe National Park, Namibia. Drone panorama