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Eye shaped lake

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Eye shaped lake near Druskininkai city, surrounded by pine tree forest.

Urban Playground

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Above urban playground in Vilnius capital City of Lithuania.

Sticks and matches

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Aerial view over wood working site in Alytus, Lithuania.


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Above excavating site of a new industrial building in Alytus, Lithuania.

Klaipeda pier

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Above Klaipeda pier, Lithuania

Early morning sunrise

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Early morning sunrise over misty river Merkys bridge, near Merkine town, Lithuania.

Small islands in Zuvintas lake

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Above small islands in Zuvintas lake, Lithuania.

Above a nature balance

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Above a sea, sand and forest perfect balance.

Coral reef of Dusia lake

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Above a coral reef of Dusia lake in Meteliai, Lithuania

In the middle of the woods

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In the middle of the pine tree forest, above the forest cabin.

Curvy river stream

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Curvy river stream to a lake Latazeris, not far from Druskininkai City, Lithuania

Ruins of The Northern Forts

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Ruins of the Northern forts, in the north of Liepāja in western Latvia by the Baltic sea.