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Vertical Stage

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Mainf stage for psytrance festival https://www.transformfestival.sk

Town centre – Pieštany

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Spring enters the town

Stratena luka (Lost Meadow), Bojnice, Slovakia

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Tree which was cut in two by thunderbold. Survived... :)

Hotel Slovan, Piestany, Slovakia

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Outworn Hotel Slovan in Piestany (former Grand Hotel Royal).

Brezova pod Bradlom, Slovakia

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Tumulus of Gen. M.R. Stefanik (Bradlo)

Brezova pod Bradlom, Slovakia

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Tumulus of Gen. M.R. Stefanik

Horná Streda, Slovakia

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Lake for summer and winter swimming. :)

Prievidza, Slovakia

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Urban neighbourhood

Piestany, Slovakia

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Piestany from above

Airport Piestany, Slovakia

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Piestany Airport

Oravske Vesele, Slovakia

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Sunset in Slovakia

Brezova pod Bradlom, Slovakia

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Tumulus of M.R. Stefanik https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milan_Rastislav_%C5%A0tef%C3%A1nik