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Teufelsmauer, Thale, Harz, Germany

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The Teufelsmauer (Devil's Wall) is a rock formation made of hard sandstones of the Upper Cretaceous in the northern part of the Harz Foreland in central Germany. This wall of rock runs from Blankenburg (Harz) via Wedd...

Meissen, Sachsen, Germany

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Meissen in Sachsen

Dresden, Germany

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Dresden ,January 2016

Moritzburg, Dresden, Germany

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Moritzburg is a municipality in the district of Meissen in Saxony, Germany, between Meissen itself, an early centre of Saxony, and today's capital Dresden. It is most famous for its Baroque castle, Schloss Moritzburg....

Berlin, Soviet War Memorial, Treptower Park

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The Soviet War Memorial is a vast war memorial and military cemetery in Berlin's Treptower Park.

Berlin, Friedrichshagen

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Drone Day in Berlin Friedrichshagen above the spree.

Berlin, Köpenick, Germany

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Autumn in the South of Berlin

TV-Tower, Berlin

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TV-Tower in Berlin, Fernsehturm

Megazippline, Rappbodetalsperre, Germany

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Megazippline im Harz, Germany

Berlin, Rüdersdorf, Kalköfen

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Berlin Rüdersdorf, über der alten Kalkbrennerei

Berlin, Havel

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Über der Havel in Berlin

Heilandskirche Sacrow bei Berlin

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Heilandskirche Sacrow bei Berlin mit FPV


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. D-Day - Drone over Berlin Elsenbrücke + Plänterwald

Olympische Dorf – Elstal

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Drohnen Tag mit der DJI Phantom in Wustermark

Brunsbüttel, Hamburg, Wedel

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. D-Day an der Elbe - DJI Phantom Drohne nördlich von Hamburg


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. D-Day in Hamburg / DJI - Drohne über HH


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. D-Day in Wismar - Hafenrundflug - Drohne

Huysburg – Röderhof nähe Halberstadt

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Mit der DJI Phantom von Röderhof zur Huysburg