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São José do Rio Pardo – SP

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Sparks Project Is a personal project consisting of a lightpainting at unusual locations and angles. In this case using a phatom 4.


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View of the trees after a snow storm and a sunset in the distance

Sigiryia, the lion rock

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This is Sygiriya, the lion rock in #srilanka. An ancient palace built on top of that rock, 200 meters high. It's a unesco world heritage site and easy to see why! I took this shot my my dji phantom 3. -

winter road

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Winter road in Lithania.

Autumn in Lithuania forest

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Autumn in Lithuania forest

Valensole, provence

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I went to Valensole hoping to get a new angle than the classic view. I knew this was harvest season so I looked for tractors and waited patiently until some started to harvest in a pattern that would create a pleasing...

Portland Oregon

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Portland Oregon

Roca Partida

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A normal morning day in this beautiful place

Monsters in the river. Héraðsvötn, Iceland

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Glacial rivers in Iceland display surprising patterns when photographed from above. Large amounts of water search their way between sandbars and along small green river islands.

The Dying City

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While driving in the middle of Italy we came across this incredible city on a rock, this city is over 2500 years old with only 20 residents left leaving there full time and going down slowly, being able to fly over an...


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Rock Climbing filmed from above

Guerledan Lake, Saint Gelven, Britany, France

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In 2015, the Guerlédan Lake was drained for maintenance of the hydroelectric dam. The vestiges of a hidden landscape were revealed, including the Nantes-Brest canal, houses, trees and submerged slate quarries.

Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi, Assisi (PG), Umbria, Italy

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The wonderful Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi, at sunset with the city immersed in the fog

Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia

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A caravan of Camels walks along Cable beach at sunset.

Kalbyris forest Denmark

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On one of my first real photo flights with my phantom 3 I was lucky enough to find this amazing scene. A patch of pines in the middle of the forest, passed by a small creek.

Guntur , India

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Red chilly farmer :)


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Al Marmoum Race Track, Dubai, UAE

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Al Marmoum Camel Race is an Annual Event in Dubai, its one of the most famous camel races in the region, this kind of sport is a very famous traditional race where they compete against each other, it consist of many c...

Hidden Lake, Washington, USA

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Taking the search for a Christmas tree to new heights.

Rancho Medio Kilo

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Tomas realizadas para rancho Medio Kilo

Combe Laval, Vercors, photo par drone

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Photo par drone, reportage pour le JT 19/20 de France 3 sur les routes vertigineuses en France. Crazy road in French Alps. Photo after a video made for a french tv channel, France 3

Sumartin, Croatia

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I just find this two years old shot in my archives. Shoot on GoPro 3 Black boarded on custom build drone, no FPV used...

Omarama, South Island New Zealand.

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Omarama clay cliffs, MacKenzie Basin, just after sunrise.

Uninhabited Island, The Maldives

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Taken with our DJI Inspire 1: uninhabited island on the Maldives which our small family of three had all to ourselves for a couple of hours. As the Maldivian names for the islands are too complicated to remember, our ...