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July 13th, 2016 (4 years ago)


i just registered on your forum because I just want learn more about nice photo and video. Im French I live mostly in thailand I do some modeling in the past chopper boat and plane, with FF7 41MHz radio. Having a little more availability for 2 years I handed me modelisme by myself: no club nearby and often bp language. Today I start the FPV to connect three passions: 1) the picture / video 2) flight sensations 3) DIY / technical I know quite well aerology and aviation as a former private pilot, glider / single engine / paragliding. I have experienced for the FPV glider on a skyeye epo 2m (hk) (not powerful enough for reassuring climb rate quickly in mountain environment) then mule (hk) Twin 1.5m climbing very well but no flight range (12mn) a buffalo wing fx79 zeta science that I hope will give me more satisfaction. My quad are 250zmr and tbs discovery I use taranis TX with Module RX FrSky or dragonlink V2. I searching more range and fly time with my TBS and prefer stay out DJI product whose are very good and well but cant adapt my fly option or mesurement, i prefer use pixhawk 32 and pilot planer...




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