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November 9th, 2016 (2 years ago)


Ever since Bonnie-Lou was a little girl she was always helping and rescuing animals. Until this day she volunteers at ICAN, Invermere Companion Animal Network (shelter), helps Wildlife rehabilitation centres from the East to west coast, SPCA, works for conservation societies such as Nature Conservancy Canada, Lake Windermere Ambassadors,This makes her feel good in her heart standing up for animals with no voice. While Bonnie-Lou was growing up in Northern Alberta, she and her family spent many vacations every year in the Columbia Valley, As well as many other places in the world. When she was 7 years old Bonnie-Lou knew that she would make this her home in this majestic mountain area with beautiful lakes some day. She started photography school in the seventh grade. Always drawn to nature and Wildlife photography. Today, Bonnie-Lou travels across Canada and the world capturing the wild kingdom with her camera lens, Always returning to her home in the Columbia valley where she chooses to live. About her love for nature, wildlife and animal companions, she says “when I am around the animal kingdom, I feel this is where I belong” I am happiest and one with all natural forces and energies that keep her living in the moment. This is also what keeps her enjoying what she is most passionate about. Everyday is an adventure!! She is addicted to life and excited to get out into the wild. While on expeditions, Bonnie-Lou captures amazing nature and wildlife images and videos through her lens, so others can enjoy! She feels nature and wildlife photography has a huge impact to to help others feel and become more compassionate with what is happening in the real world. Majestic beautiful photos either aerial or on ground shots of landscapes, predators, water fowl, song birds, raptors, flowers, animal companions and much more. Have a powerful way and helps others connect with our natural world. This helps stimulate a strong commitment to conservation. Bonnie-Lou is one hundred percent for educating, protecting and conserving our wildlife, natural resources, and making a difference in this world with her photography so others will also have an interest to help maintain balance and biodiversity. Visualization is a great way to help others digest how important it is we all work together to protect and conserve all the special gifts nature offers so ourselves and future generations can enjoy. Share this with your friends!


British Columbia Canada


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