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Wiener Neustadt

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The picture shows the railway line Vienna - Wiener Neustadt Neustadt Drone: Blade 350 QX with gimbal

Wiener Neustadt

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The image shows the Wiener Neustadt channel by the triangle in Wiener Neustadt.

Wiener Neustadt

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wiener Neustadt was founded in 1194 year and now has 43000 inhabitants. Picture shows among others the dom, the Capuchin church, the castle and the water tower. In the foreground is the city park visible Drone: Bla...

Wiener Neustadt

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The picture shows the trainstation wiener neustadt

St. Peter im Moos

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The parish foundation is not documented clearly detected, but in 1220 the parish was first mentioned clearly documented. 1254 handed over Otakar II, the parish to the Bishop Ulrich I of Seckau. 1358 she came in the co...

Med Austron in Wiener Neustadt

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With MedAustron arises in Wiener Neustadt one of the most modern centers for ion therapy and research in Europe. The irradiation of the patients will be carried out with carbon ions or protons. Currently, this center ...

cemetery wiener neustadt

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in the picture a part of the cemetery in wienerneustadt Drone: Blade 350 QX with gimbal

Maria Theresia Denkmal in Wiener Neustadt

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The monument stands in the park of the oldest military academy in the world in Wiener Neustadt. The monument shows the founder of the Academy, Empress Maria Theresa. Drone : Blade 350 Qx with Gimbal


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The image shows the Barbat Channel between the islands of Rab and Dolin DRONE : Blade 350 QX