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Hover over Clover

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Four leaf clover from above

Shark Bait

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:-0 !!!

Fire in the Clouds

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Some sunsets just take your breath away..

Smooth Sailing

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Float on..

Teotihuacan Pyramid

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The Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico• EST. 100 BC

The Most Famous Bean Ever Seen!

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The world-famous Bean in Chicago

#NoBan Demonstration

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I had the great honor of photographing a beautiful show of resistance on March 17, 2017. Hundreds of New Yorkers gathered in the snow & cold to form a human banner that spelled #NOBAN in response to the current ad...

Bright Lights. Big City.

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I <3 NYC!

Holy Snow!

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Snowfall on St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC

Spring Droning

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High above the Spring Training home of both the Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies

As far as the eye can see

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Vivid yellows and reds cover the landscape for miles. Autumn at its best!

Valley of Colors

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Yea though I fly my drone through the valley of the shadow of the Adirondacks..


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Fall drives are the best drives


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Some places just leave you speechless..

Fall Foliage in Full Effect

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Mother nature putting on a show of colors

Adirondack fall folaige

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Yea though I fly my drone through the valley of the shadow of the Adirondacks..

ADK Foliage

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Have you ever seen so many trees, so many leaves? The kind of scenes that make you step back and say ‘jeez’

Great Gatsby Estate

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High above the home that inspired Jay Gatsby's estate in 'The Great Gatsby.'

Martins Beach CA

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Be the rock when there's nothing but troubled waters around you.

Brooklyn Bridge

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Sunset over the Brooklyn Bridge

Atlanta Sunset

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Tangerine & Raspberry sunsets in the Peach State

Spaghetti Junction

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Spaghetti Junction in Atlanta

Before & After

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Aerial views of Mercedes Benz stadium and the site of what used to be the Georgia Dome

Spread Love

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Spread love every day