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R711, R761, J549 and K190 Steam Trains of Central Victoria

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Like a little kid.... Chasing trains through Maldon, Muckleford and Castlemaine. Featured trains: R711, R761, J549 and K190 Steam Trains of Central Victoria.

Hanging Rock Drone Aerial View | Hike to the top for a Dronie

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Cold winter morning with threatening rain, I grabbed this quick dronie over Hanging Rock. Using way points and points of interest to grab some aerial video before exploring around the rock.

One Tree Hill Lookout – Bendigo

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Cold winter day, checking out the Sunrise and the Lookout Tower at One Tree Hill - Bendigo.

Check out Lake Eppalock Weir at Sunset

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Drone View from above Lake Eppalock Weir at Sunset Video. Bendigo Central Victoria.

Crusoe Reservoir – Drone Footage (Mavic Pro)

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Part 1 of some test footage from Crusoe Reservoir. Updated the gimbal settings and gain. Still, need a sunshade or polarized filter for the sun.

DJI MAVIC | Expedition Pass Reservoir (Golden Point – Castlemaine)

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Perfect autumn day testing the DJI Mavic Pro over Expedition Pass Reservoir. Situated in Golden point near Castlemaine, the reservoir is also known as Golden Point Reservoir.

Lake Eppalock, Victoria

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Finally getting a chance to get the drone out of the box and give it a test run. Gimbal needs calibration. 4K footage downscaled to 1080. Very stable in high winds and smooth video. Happy with the first test flight. S...

Turpins Falls, Victoria

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After the recent rain around Victoria, Turpin Falls came alive with a spectacular waterfall. Aerial photos and video taken with a DJI Phantom drone.


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Drone Showreel: A collection of video photography and aerial video taken from a Drone over Bendigo and Central Victorian reservoirs in 2015.

Cairn Curran Reservoir, Victoria

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Dry Cairn Curran Reservoir: Taking the DJI Phantom drone out for a spin over a dry Cairn Curran Reservoir. Flying with fatsharks, modified props, battery, gimbal and new RX/TX antennas. Forgot to add protune to the Go...

Expedition Pass Reservoir, Castlemaine

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DJI Phantom Drone over Expedition Pass Reservoir, Golden Point in Castlemaine. Usual setup running fat sharks and new 9" props from DJI. Short clip as we had problems with the gimbal playing up while looking down.

Cairn Curran Reservoir, Victoria

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Dry Cairn Curran Reservoir. A drones view. Windy day, GoPro stabiliser struggled with the winds and some shaky footage. Now running Vision 9" Props and Fat Sharks.

Malmsbury Reservoir, Victoria

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Sunrise over Malmsbury Reservoir. Situated close to Kyneton and surrounded by forest and farmland. Lauriston and Upper Coliban Reservoirs are also close by.

Lake Eppalock

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Testing the DJI drone with some new fatshark predator goggles. Nice aerial video and photography taken on the day.

Lake Eppalock

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Flying the drone and taking some aerial video this afternoon. What better way to take a selfie with the DJI Phantom drone. At Lake Eppalock. Watch in FULL 1080P HD. Equipment Used for Aerial Video and Photography ...

Kennington Reservoir Bendigo

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Kennington Reservoir in Bendigo is surrounded by bushland and reserves with a popular walking and cycling track close to the CBD. The reservoir is stocked by fisheries with rainbow trout and already contains plenty of...

Crusoe Reservoir Bendigo

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Done Setup Notes: Drone setup is still ongoing. Video shaky or shutters when gimbal is in full lock. Need to look at setting some gains into the gimbal so it doesn't reach full extension. Getting around 7 minutes of ...