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Aerial view of Saint Tomas church, Slovenia.

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Aerial view of Saint Tomas church, Slovenia.

Fürstenau the smallest city in the world

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Mairaus, the ancient name of Fürstenau, is mentioned for the first time in the first half of the 12th century. The new name is occupied for the first time in 1257 with Fürstinowe. Prince here refers to the Bishop of C...

Lac de la Gruyère

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Lac dr la Gruyère, hiver 2016-2017

Pont de Corbières

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Pont de Corbières, Fribourg, Switzerland

Les Pléiades , Suisse VD 2017 05 17

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https://www.swiss-photos.com Vol au dessus des Pléiades, Suisse, avec un Phantom 4 Pro +. Filmé en 4K / Profil D-Log. Montage sous FCPX https://www.swiss-photos.com

Sils im Domleschg

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Burge Ehrenfels Grison Switzerland

Trans, Grison,Switzerland

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Autumn above Grison.

Fürstenau Graubünden Switzerland

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Trailer to flight " In luftiger Höher "

Saint Blaise, Hauterive

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Take a flight from Chaumont pass by port of Neuchatel to get by shore of lake to town Saint-Blaise..... Camera and production by Jakub Pohanka email: j.pohanka@icloud.com http://www.new-angle-photography.com M...


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Un piccolo regalo per il mio amico Angelo. Purtroppo è fatto con le poche immagini che abbiamo fatto oggi per giocare un po' con i cavalli. Il tema va approfondito. Settembre 2014

Merzouga, Morocco

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Flying over sand dunes in Merzouga - Morocco. Some view from Nasser Palace Hotel.


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Arachova is a mountain town and a former municipality in the western part of Boeotia, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is a municipal unit, part of the municipality Distomo-Arachova-Antikyra. Its nam...

Rignano Sull’Arno, Tuscany, Italy

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Fattoria Pagnana, agriturismo in Tuscany, Italy. Best homemade Chianti and olive oil, cheers!

lyon plage

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survol de lyon plage

Jonskunten, Kongsberg, Norway

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Before sunset

Highway Bridge Thusis Graubünden Switzerland

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#lowflight #highway #A13 #switzerland # phantom2 #vision+

Jordan from the Air

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A Matador network film - Interdrone Film Festival overall winner Jordan is a land enshrouded in mystery. Serving as a crossroads of humanity for thousands of years has left the country with a cultural diversity unmat...

Baima, China

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Autumn in baima