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Luala’ilua Hills

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Morning light on a group of multi colored cinder cones that sit on the south side of 10,023 ft dormant Haleakala volcano, Maui, Hawaii. Cinder cones are also called pu'u and occur when trapped gas causes fountain-like...

Swim, Snorkel, Kayak

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Plenty of water activity happening in this photograph taken on Maui's south shore.

Ocean Playground

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A kayaker paddles across a rocky reef on Maui's north shore.

Morning Exercise

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Two beach walkers and one kayaker out enjoying some morning exercise on Maui's north shore.

Solitary Honu

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Honu is the Hawaiian word for turtle. This sea turtle is swimming alone inside the reef on Maui's north shore.

Alone in the Crowd

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Not a scene that you would think belongs in Hawaii. This is at ~6,500 ft elevation in a pine forest on the leeward side of dormant Haleakala volcano, Maui. I like that there is a different type of pine amongst the oth...

Sorkeler’s Wonderland

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Water adventure tour boat on an excursion along Maui's west shore.

Little Sheds in Summer II

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Forest fire haze was thick on this August 2018 day giving a surreal feel to this low aerial photo.

Elysian Fields

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Some of my favorite drone shots are low aerial. They don't scream "drone" but, if you are an observant person, you realize there is no way that shot was taken from the ground.

Swimming Away

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I try to be respectful of other living beings and do not support harassing wildlife in order to get good shots. This is a cropped photo of a seal swimming in an estuary. The water looks so smooth and milky. I thought ...

Spotlight by Molokini

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It was a beautiful few moments on Maui's south shore. The sun was setting and a beam of light was shining down through the clouds on the ocean beside Molokini Islet.

Road to Kahakuloa II

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My daughter loves this shot of the road to the little village of Kahakuloa. She say it reminds her of the goddess island of Te Fiti. When I ask her why, she talks about gemstone colors, sparkling water and the almost ...

Beauty in the Ordinary

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Farm outbuildings, maybe for grain storage. They have seen better days for sure! Sepia feel due forest fire haze drifting east from British Columbia.

Crop Patterns II

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Like an abstract painting! This photo was taken over a Saskatchewan farm field as it was being harvested..

Crop Patterns I

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Top down view in a Saskatchewan farm field under harvest.


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A great old barn in interesting light due to forest fire haze drifting eastward from British Columbia this past summer.

Where Ulua and Mokapu Beaches Meet

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Easy to see with a drone why this old lava flow between Ulua and Mokapu Beaches on Maui's south shore is a popular snorkel/dive spot.

Sunset at Lahaina Harbor

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Taken near sunset at Lahaina Harbor on Maui's west shore.

Pine Stand Shadows

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Evening long shadows in an upcountry Maui pasture.

Crushed Velvet

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Old farmhouse in a field. The crop is trampled in places and makes me think of crushed velvet.

Road to Kahakuloa

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Taken on the north end of the West Maui Mountains. This winding, and in places rugged, road leads through a remote little village called Kahakuloa. You can seen the edge of this community nestled in the valley and bay...

Fields of Maui Gold

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Workers in fields that produce a variety of pineapple called "Maui Gold". These field ripened, sweet, low acid pineapples are a local favorite as well as a popular tourist 'take home item'. They are also used to make ...

Making Windrows

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Two swathers at work in a canola field.

Horsing Around

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These horses have snowy backs and look like they have been dusted with sugar. They are playful even though it is a very cold January morning.