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Fay Canyon, In Sedona AZ USA

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Fay Canyon, Sedona Arizona. My wife and went on a hike this past Valentine’s Day and took the Drone with us to get some aerial footage. There was one rock formation I just couldn’t stay away from. Anyone know the name...

Mindeleff Cavates Camp Verde, Arizona, United States

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CAMP VERDE - If you have lived in the Verde Valley for any length of time, you probably know about the caves on the far side of the Verde River from Beasley Flats. And if you have ever snooped around in them or heard...

West side face of Bell Rock! Sedona, Arizona United States

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This video was filmed flying up the west side face of Bell Rock (as shown in the opening scene). Last year I filmed this magnificent monument from the north and south sides of the rock with my Phantom 2 Vision+ Drone....