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Outback cruiser

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A remote outback dusty road in central Australia.

Wreck patrol

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An artificial reef formed from sunken ships.

Pink Lake

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A bacteria farm creates a bright pink lake.

The coast by air

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The ocean meets the land. Half natural beauty, half urban city sprawl. Which will win?

Fly swatter

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Urban decay. A disused coal loading terminal lies abandoned beside beautiful beaches.

Phone Home

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Remote community early experimentation with solar power pre photovoltaics.

Holey Moley

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The natural landscape riddles with holes from opal mining

Swiss Cheese Planet

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Opal mines riddle the earth like swiss cheese.

Earth Tank

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Remote urban scen of an Earth Tank from above. Open air water holes supply valuable drinking water to live stock.

Kayaking on clouds

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Relaxing in the clouds on a Kayak

Buzzing the tower

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Maverick buzzing the tower! A Phantom checks out a wreck.

Dark water explorers

117 Views2 Comments

Illuminated kayakers explore coastal waters looking for what may lurk beneath.

Lying on clouds

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Lying on a lilo, lost in the clouds.

Sup, dude. Stand up paddle board

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A pure fresh water keyhole lake provides a great place to paddle board.

Space lilo

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Relaxing on a lilo in dark tea tree stained water

Forest Lines

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A plantation pine forest makes impossibly regular lines compared to the natural forest.

Ocean meets Man

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Ocean meets land with a man made rock pool separating the two.

Figure 8 rock pool

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Relaxing in a rock pool by the ocean.

Lilo Selfie

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Shooting a selfie froma lilo in a figure 8 rock pool.

Harvest Hawk

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A hawk flies up to challenge a drone as a harvester works the fields below.

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