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Outback cruiser

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A remote outback dusty road in central Australia.

Wreck patrol

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An artificial reef formed from sunken ships.

Pink Lake

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A bacteria farm creates a bright pink lake.

Buzzing the tower

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Maverick buzzing the tower! A Phantom checks out a wreck.

Forest Lines

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A plantation pine forest makes impossibly regular lines compared to the natural forest.

Ocean meets Man

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Ocean meets land with a man made rock pool separating the two.

Figure 8 rock pool

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Relaxing in a rock pool by the ocean.

Harvest Hawk

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A hawk flies up to challenge a drone as a harvester works the fields below.


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The ocean claims the ships. A reef is born.

Moon base alpha

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P3 flight

Figure 8 Pool

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Figure 8 Pool

Anna Bay, NSW

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Desert Lines

Cable Beach

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Cable beach caravan of camels at sunset.

Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia

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A caravan of Camels walks along Cable beach at sunset.