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Sunrise above the fog

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Sunrise above the fog on a very early morning

Drone above the fog

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On a very foggy day I took off with my drone, and took this great picture. It was only 110 meters up, but the view was great

Down by the river

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Down by the river. This picture was taken at the river Waal in Holland.

Church of Immerath

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The church of Immerath

Church of Immerath

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the (soon to be demolished) church of Immerath

giant mines of Garzweiler

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the giant mines or Garzweilen (44 square km's)

bagger at Garzweiler

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Bagger at work in the mines of Garzweiler

Garzweiler Bagger

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Mining in Erkelenz at the mines of Garzweiler


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A top down photo of my kids and partner climbing in an old branch


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A small village on a cold, icey morning


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A cold winter morning flight in Didam. Better video (1080p 60 fps) is available on youtube:


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First high flight with my UpAir drone a week after I got it. Heart of the turbine is 98 meters. Drone used is an UpAir One v3 more at

Korenbloem mill Didam

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On a nice afternoon I have shot this great picture by accident. I was testing new stuff, and turned out I made this great picture Drone used is an UpAir One v3 More at