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Farmers harvesting corn

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Farmers harvesting corn in Holland

Farmers harvesting corn

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Farmers busy harvesting corn. It's a great thing to film with a drone

Farmers cutting and shaking out grass

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Farmers busy with cutting and shaking grass. The last cut of 2017, more to come next year. The tractors used are a John Deere 6130r Autopowr, and a NewHolland TS100. The mowers are Kuhn mowers, and the shaker is ...

Colourfull forest

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In autumn/fall you can see the most beautiful colours, and with a drone you can even see more of that. This short flight was done in the Netherlands, over "Bergherbos"

Immerath & Garzweiler

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See the giant mines of Garzweiler and the ghost town of Immerath

Sunset flying

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Sunset flying at the Nevelhorst in Didam, Netherlands


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A great location in the Netherlands. The Posbank is a unique hilly landscape in the Netherlands, it's very close to Arnhem and it is a great place to do some hiking, or biking.. But also droning.


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Another great day of flying with my beloved UpAir One! It's a great drone, even with it's limitations


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Some great winter footage Just before sunset I got out and filmed this.