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Evening Colors

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Fall colors of Salem, Oregon

Netarts Evening

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The Cape Lookout spit as seen from an overlook at Netarts, Oregon

Proposal Rock

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Proposal Rock - on the Oregon coast.

Evening Colors

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Evening colors along the Oregon coast.

Morning Fog

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Looking like a scene from Blade Runner, the morning sunlight competes with the morning fog. Photo was captured above Salem, Oregon.

Evening at the Estuary

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Sunset at the Sand Lake Estuary on the Oregon coast.

Rainbow at the Beach

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Rainbow at Sand Lake Estuary on the Oregon coast.

Garden Plot

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Garden Plot at Bush's Pasture Rose Garden

Spring Blossoms

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Trees in Pringle Park Plaza - downtown Salem, Oregon

Yaqui Pass Road

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View of Yaqui Pass Road looking towards Borrego Springs, California.

Water Lilies

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Water lilies on Hebo Lake in Oregon's Coastal Range

Pine Island

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Pine Island is located in Derryclare Loch near Clifden, Ireland. Note: This is a pano photo created by merging multiple photos captured with a DJI Mavic Pro. The software use was Photoshop.

Whitney Portal Road

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The road into the Mt. Whitney trailhead from Lone Pine, California.

Hana View

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View from above Hana on the island of Maui in Hawaii.

Peter Coutney Minto Island Bridge

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Bike/Ped bridge in Salem, Oregon.

South Falls

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South Falls at Silver Falls State Park near Silverton, Oregon.

Cape Blanco Lighthouse

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Cape Blanco Lighthouse on the southern Oregon coast.

Winter Sunset

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Winter sunset at Tierra Del Mar, Oregon

Pete French Round Barn

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Located in eastern Oregon, the Pete French Round Barn is now a state heritage site.

Proposal Rock

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Proposal Rock on the Oregon coast.

Champoeg Road bridge

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Continuing a photo series which I am presently assembling, this is another crossing of the Willamette River where one one abuttment connects with Marion County, Oregon. This crossing is called the Champoeg Road Bridge...

Union Street Bridge

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Located in Salem, Oregon and crossing the Willamette River , the Union Street Bridge is now exclusively a bike/ped bridge.

Roundstone Bog Road

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The Roundstone Bog Road meanders across a large bog from Roundstone to Clifden (Ireland).

Clifden Bay

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Clifden Bay