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Havre de la Vanlée, Bricqueville-sur-mer, Normandie, France

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Sheeps in the Vanlee's haven in Normandy, France


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Bridge in Brasil

Rojo Amanecer

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Un auto clasico recorre las calles del puerto de Progreso Yucatán

From the depths

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A blue whale right before it disappeared into the depths of the pacific

Football in the Jabal

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Football pitch in the middle of the mountains Jabal

Lava field flow

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Road crossin Laki lava field is


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I took this picture with my drone in Croatia. While I was in one of the boats.

Solitary Honu

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Honu is the Hawaiian word for turtle. This sea turtle is swimming alone inside the reef on Maui's north shore.

Azul es Tamul

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Las canoas en espera de mas turistas en las cascadas de Tamul en san Luis Potosí México Enbarcadero la Morena

Cycling training

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a group of amateur cyclists during local training

Where the muddy river meets the ocean

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The first rains of the year make the rivers start flowing again, bringing to the ocean the mud and trash from the mountains. The water is then clear separated in two: the brownish muddy river water and the deep blue o...


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Birds eye view of a marina

Harvesting shrimp on the sea

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Harvesting shrimp on the sea in Phu Yen, Vietnam. These shrimp are mainly used in processing shrimp paste. A delicious and traditional Vietnamese food


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View of the beautiful limestone cliffs around Lagos, Portugal.

Boats in Cap Malheureux

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Boats in Cap Malheureux

Lake Wilhelm Marina

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Boat overhead at the marina at lake Wilhelm, PA.


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What if we live in water and not in land. Would we have trouble getting parking on the water? As you know, 70% of Earth is water, so plenty of space.

Camo Top

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A building with a camp man roof

Panama Face A vs Face B

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Both sides from this stunning country

Soaring High!

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Followed this parasailer for a while and after multiple attempts, got the composition I was looking for!

Time to land!

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Captured the water bikers heading back to the shop after a ride around the serene Loboc River, Bohol!

Head in the Colouds

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War monument in the autumn fog


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Autumn plow.

floating market

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Floating Market in Thailand is beautiful. Accompany with a simple lifestyle.