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sunset at kota kinabalu

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sunset at kota kinabalu

Blue and rocks

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A small gulf near cape Tenaro, Peloponnisos, South Greece

Lake Plastira, Central Greece

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A picture of a small island in Lake Plastira, South Pindos, Central Greece


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Fun Park

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Fun Park São Paulo - Brazil

Rio de Janeiro- God city

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Welcome to Rio de Janeiro… Golden beaches and lush mountains, samba-filled nightlife and an impressive football match: I invite you to visit Cidade Maravilhosa (the beautiful city). Looking at the top of the 710...

sunrise @ sutera@mantanani

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sunrise @ sutera@mantanani

Above the mist, Maringá, Paraná, Brazil

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One day I saw a picture taken from an airplane, showing the center of a city surrounded by a heavy fog exposing only the tops of buildings. Since that day, I had the desire to take a picture like that; but only of my ...

Sofia, Bulgaria

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The match between the Bulgaria\s team of Levski and Lazio from Italy has just concluded. It's 0:00 AM in the morning, and Levski has it's 100th year anniversary. For a moment it's dark, and you can feel the dense air,...

Tamul waterfall

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Tamul is the biggest waterfall of San Luis Potosi with 105 meters height. Is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Mexico. The Gallinas river falls into the Santa Maria river forming the Tampaón river. It is located...