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June 8th, 2015 (5 years ago)


I am an amateur gadget and technology guru, and a married father to two twin boys who are five and a half years old. ​ I sought interest in photography from a young age and over the years it became one my main hobbies. I would say it even runs through my blood, as I even have family members who work in the profession. When I grew older, I studied photography and later went as far as opening a small photo shop in my hometown of Hod Hasharon. Later on I expanded and opened a photography business for different types of events. The Multi-copter with which I take the pictures is equipped with four blades that can fly as far as several kilometers. It is installed with camera stills and the video quality is controlled by remote radio which shows the anticipated top-Live. The Multi-copter is a means of various forms of technology, such as GPS and different controllers in which provide it with maximum stability and control. The Multi-copter is a great gadget for those looking for a combination of technology and photography. With the Multi-copter, I am able to take still photos and various video of landscapes, buildings, etc. across the country, all of which you can see here on the website: www.eyalasaf.com




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