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All tied up

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Is it all tied up the dock? or are we tied to it? Are we helpless if we do not have the modern necessities in life?

Sea and Stars

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One of the fascinating part of false creek is this tiny mooring port. At ground level, it looks innocent enough, but from the sky, it looks amazing. This image was never show on its intended crop. I think its the...

Tears ( In Detail)

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A detailed look at my other image: http://www.dronestagr.am/tears/ Sometimes I feel like we are moving too fast. So fast that we ignore the damage that we do to nature. We see here a modernisation of beach, prog...


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Sometimes I feel like we are moving too fast. So fast that we ignore the damage that we do to nature. We see here a modernisation of beach, progress on top of what looked like an old coral bed. As we move down we fe...

The Comet and the Tree

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Is funny sometime sometimes when human invention mimics nature. Part of the park near false creek is already fascinating as it is, but viewing it from the top makes it look like a tree, on top of a small hill, add a ...


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Stacked : 2 huge industrial boat side by side. Why are they side by side? Why is the other one empty? Is this just a mobile crane? Where is the delivery? This image fascinates me. It certainly looked boring o...

The Globe

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Science world is a center for science learning mostly geared towards kids and young adults. At night it can be a sight to behold as the Geodesic Dome can sparkle and can be seen from a distance.

The Lonely Bench

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The lonely bench remains alone. The great trees standing firm behind it, framing it beautifully in front of the every restless moving grass. It does not move, it does not sway. It remains still, in the cold, the w...

Urban Decay

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Urban Decay, The frailty of our existence in this world is encapsulated in this photo. Whatever we built will eventually be taken over by nature and everything that is not of this world will eventually disappear, swal...

The Great Barrier

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The Great Barrier, the difference between safe and dangerous. The barrier breaks the strong waves that hits the beach, protecting the people behind it. The barrier also helps keep the people from going beyond it and...

The Great Divide

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The great Fraser River separates the 3 aspects of this image. We have the urban family life at the left, the busy bustling city life at the center and the technological aspect of our life at the right. The Great...

What Moves Us

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Cars. It moves us, it brings us from point A to point B. We could not live the modern world without it. SIDE NOTE: Dronestagram could not display the image correctly at the full size, so I added a white frame on th...

Beach Head

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Summer, everyone loves the beach, this summer we were fortunate enough to visit the lovely country of mexico and bask in the sun on a sunny day. I want to show in this image the beauty of a natural beach that has cora...

The Gate

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The gate conveys the feeling that I always get while walking in between 2 lone trees. I find it quite exciting to walk, run and even just look at how amazing nature can be. The trees reminds us that our existence in l...

Glacial Lake

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At the heart of Burnaby, you can find this lake. Home to hundreds of animal species and used for kayaking and other outdoor activities. Burnaby Lake has become a refuge from the hassles and Bustles of city life

Late Winter

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A view of New Westminster over the Mighty Fraser River. Taken with the Mavic Pro, Took about 8-16 vertical images to make this big panorama

Mirrored Islands

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An amazing view of Pitt Lake in British Columbia


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A beautiful view of the lighthouse in British Columbia

A City Sunset

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Sunsets are beautiful, This was captured to show the beauty of early spring 2016

New Westminster

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A look at a quite city in Canada. This small city is growing steadily and situated near the mighty Fraser River.