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Solar Panels lead to the Mississippi River

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Newly installed solar panels along the Bee Branch Creek detention project, and the Mississippi River. Highways lead from Iowa to Wisconsin across the green bridge in the background.

Port of Dubuque at America’s Riverfest

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Taken along the Mississippi River during America's Riverfest (originally commemorating the 150th anniversary of the 1st President of US to travel on the Mississippi River), now in it's 14th year. View shows full boat ...

Light trails from the Mississippi River into the Sunset

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Taken over the Mississippi River between Iowa and Illinois, using filters during the golden hour, was able to capture the fall sunset impacted by the farmers dust from bringing in the crops.

TorqueFest Panorama Dubuque County Fairgrounds

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Vintage autos gather annually to swap parts and stories, dress in vintage clothes and live in the 60's! This annual fundraiser raises money for kids that need heart surgery, but can't handle the expenses of travel for...

Family Farm Bellevue Iowa

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Taken for buyers to present as a Christmas gift to the owners of the property. This 400 acres farm is mostly rented, but has a creek running through the property, as well ridgelines covered with trees.

Yellow leaves surround white gazebo

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Autumn brings leaves changing colors, and here the yellow leaves fell on green grass surrounding a white gazebo in downtown historic Dubuque, located along the Mississippi River.