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Sunrise over Czech Canadian

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I'd spent a beautiful calm night before I woke up in the middle of this beautiful nature of Czech Canadian. The sun woke me up with warm rays and the new amazing day in the life was right behind the corner.

Running shadows

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Yesterday I had enough luck to catch a herd of deer running across the pasture. It was such a great moment to see it from the above!

Frosty road

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Frosty winter road through the forest in Czech republic.

Sunrise over the dam

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Sunrise over the Landštejn dam in Czech republic.

Sunrise in the country of South Bohemia / Czech republic

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Sunrise full of mist in the nature of South Bohemia / Czech republic.

Beauties of autumn Czech republic

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Colorful autumn of the Czech republic - an aerial view to Schwarzenberg tomb near the Orlík dam.

Accurate geometry from above

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Accurate geometry above the Schwarzenbergs' tomb next to the Orlík dam.

Spring in Mallorca

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Spring in Mallorca

Above the mirror

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Above the nature mirror.

River flow

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I took a flight around and I found this river, flowing through the land of nobody. I call these shots Island-like because of the similarity to these shots.

Colorful autumn in Czech

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Took a flight over the beautiful colorful autumn nature.

Ruins in autumn colored woods

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Only ruins left from the castle. Nothing more. Silently staying in the middle of the woods, hidden from civilization.

Sunny morning in the country

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Beautiful autumn morning in the heart of nature. Warm sun rays covered all country in gold.

Autumn colorful sunset above the hill

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Beautiful autumn colorful sunset above the hill. I was amazed by this shot.

A new day is behind the horizon

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Beautiful morning golden hour behind the hill. A new day is behind the horizon. New beginning.

Industrial sunrise

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Awesome adventure to catch this breathtaking moment. Misty industrial golden hour above the valley. Slept in the car to wake up early and start flying. Then had a breakfast in the grass :)

Connecting and dividing two shores

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I found this abandoned bridge and it's awesome.

Golden hour of sunrise in my home land

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I drove my car 200 km away from my home to catch this unique moment. I am so glad I did it!

Frozen treetops in Alps

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Flying above Alps I saw this great view.

Early sunrise

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I woke up at 4:30 AM to see the sunrise. It was sooo amazing!