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Aerial Little Planet of Bosphorus, Istanbul

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Bosphorus - One place, two continents! This 360° aerial panorama was taken above ‪‎Bosphorus‬ in Istanbul, Turkey.

Dubai Marina From The Sky

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Explore a bird’s-eye view over Dubai Marina, UAE. We captured this shot in last December, 2014 during our 360° aerial tour in Dubai where we mapped many places such as Palm Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and e...

Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai

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Enjoy the exclusive 360° aerial panorama of Burj Khalifa Tower by GlobalVision. We captured this shot in last December, 2014 during our 360° aerial tour in Dubai where we mapped many places such as Palm Jumeirah, Dub...

360° Aerial Tours Around The World by GlobalVision

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Hundreds of 360° aerial panoramas across the planet, have just been released online. Those are easily accessible to mobile devices and laptops. Check now at http://vietnam.globa...

Verbier, Switzerland

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Beautiful winter in Verbier, Switzerland through the eyes of GlobalVision's drone. See 360° images at

Gstaad, Switzerland

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Are you planning to go skiing on the Swiss mountains? Go for it! As this is how winter feels like when you combine Switzerland and GlobalVision360, enjoy this stunning aerial view over the snowy village in Gstaad, Sw...

360° Downtown Dubai

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Visit 360° Dubai like never seen before, explore now

360° Dubai

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Have you checked our latest 360° drone VR in Dubai? It's really worth a look

360° Geneva, Switzerland

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Team GlobalVision Communication wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2015! Keep following us at

Visit Geneva From The Sky

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The summer time in Geneva in 360° aerial perspective, have you ever been there? Visit our blockbusting virtual drone tour at

Geneva Lake

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A peaceful moment of sunset on Geneva Lake was captured by our drone DJI S1000. Have you ever been to Geneva? Visit 360° Geneva in aerial view via

360° Geneva View

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Visit Geneva in 360° aerial perspective at

Visit Geneva

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This photo presents typical houses in Geneva in aerial perspecitive. Visit 360° Aerial Geneva:

Visit Geneva From The Sky

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Have you ever been to Geneva, Switzerland? Visit 360° Geneva from the sky via as if you were truly a bird.


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An aerial view over one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Image by drone of GlobalVision from the height 100 meters.

Danang, Vietnam in Aerial Perspective

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A Stunning view over the sea of Danang, Vietnam

Hoi An, Vietnam

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See more aerial photos in Hoi An – Vietnam and other places in Southest Asia at - See more at:

Central Coast, Vietnam

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Aerial Images by GlobalVision

Saigon, Vietnam

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Have you ever been to this beautiful place? We’re working on our new drone project there. Stay tuned!

Aigle Castle, Switzerland

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Château d'Aigle - Aigle Castle - a castle in the vineyards was built in 12th century located in the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland which is a Museum of Vine, Wine and Labels in Lake Geneva Region.

Lake Geneva

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Visit the whole city of Geneva through the eyes of GlobalVision's multicopter drones at

Château de Chillon, Switzerland

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Château de Chillon, Chillon Castle, is one of the most iconic landmark and the most famous castle in Switzerland. Visit GlobalVision website for more aerial photos around Switzerland and Europe at http://www.globalvi...

Vineyard Terraces, Switzerland

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Visit Switzerland and many more places at

The colors of autumn in Geneva

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Visit entire Geneva from the air at