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город Железнодорожный, Московская область, Россия

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Заброшенный недостроенный госпиталь КГБ


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Wald-Baum-Läufer (Baumkletterer / Tree climber)

Close to Berlin

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Car Park

Berlin, Germany

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TV-Tower of Berlin

Lake City Concord, Khilkhet, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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My beloved city, cloaked with "Pea soup" dawn-fog... Usually during this season of the year, the scenario is alarming among the people living below the poverty line in Bangladesh. It's because the temperature drops f...

Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

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Prenzelberg from above

NSA Station, Teufelsberg, Berlin

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An abandoned NSA Echelon listening post, callsign 'The Hill' just outside of Berlin.