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June 24th, 2015 (5 years ago)


"Camera on hand, Creativity on mind" Ryan Li is a professional photographer. After his tertiary graduation, he was hired as designer, creative manager for several design firms. He spent his off hours to be a freelance photographer. In 2008, he established HiLighters Photography, he combines his creativity, designing ideas with skillful techniques in his photography work and also for his clients. During these years, his works are publicized in overseas, such as DailyQi, Digital Camera World Magazines etc. He award 1 of the 20 inspiring images of long exposure from Landscape & Wildlife Photography Magazine. He also award the Pet & Animal Photography Competition from well known International Magazine – Digital Camera World. In 2013, his photography works are invited to New York City Gallery for the theme of “The Story of the Creative”. In the coming future, he would like to bring his customers with amazing and creative photography works for pets, portraits, family, wedding and products fields.


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Hong Kong


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