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One of the most beautiful fairy-tale castles in the world.

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One of the most beautiful fairy-tale castles in the world.

Winter architecture for your eyes.

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Winter architecture for your eyes.

There is nothing quite as serene as seeing the countryside covered in a fresh sheet of snow.

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There is nothing quite as serene as seeing the countryside covered in a fresh sheet of snow.

The city of lakes

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"The city of lakes" - so called Trakai - the historical capital of Lithuania. Here stands not only the pride of this city but also of the whole Lithuania - the only castle in Eastern Europe built in the island. Do yo...

Black and white

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There was a fierce cold - the winter took care of the hospitality. Several warm sun rays slipped to this ice lake.

Abandoned amusement park- “Vaikų pasaulis”

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Abandoned amusement park- "Vaikų pasaulis". Swinging from a giant height down, everyone seated at the attraction feels as if hanging in the air - the chair and the safety ring are no longer in doubt, dangle legs an...

Welcome to Acre(Israel)

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Welcome to Acre(Israel). On a peninsula jutting into the Mediterranean, centuries of history are stacked within the Crusader walls of Acre. Pencil minarets and painted church domes strain above ramparts smoothed by...

Welcome to Israel

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Welcome to Israel! Only in a few places on earth is passion such as this small, surrounded by enemies - Israel: the breathtaking beauty of hills and valleys, the scary emptiness of the Dead Sea, the multicolored Ma...

Welcome to Dead sea

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Welcome to Dead sea(Israel). The lowest place of earth, the Dead sea (431m below sea level) brings together breathtaking natural beauty, compelling ancient history and modern mineral spas that soothe and pamper eve...

Lithuania power plant

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If you often travel from the Vilnius-Kaunas route, you may have noticed almost horizontally somewhere in the horizon with an unnatural turning angle with some sort of "crane" on it. Yes, there is the same monstrous Kr...

The capital of Lithuania is decorated with three white, magnificent crosses standing on a high mountain.

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The capital of Lithuania is decorated with three white, magnificent crosses standing on a high mountain. They are not only a symbol of Vilnius, but also a monument to national identity and resistance to occupation. Up...

Vilnius Christmas tree

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Everyone is waiting for Christmas - the most anticipated year of the year. The capital of Lithuania - Vilnius is ready for a magical timepiece: here you will find one of the best Christmas markets in Europe, visit one...

The Baltic sea coastline

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The Baltic Sea is deep into the continent, and its coastline is one of the most beautiful in Europe. Lithuania has a coastline of 90 kilometers. Although short, but impressively beautiful. Small sandy beaches, white d...

Vilnius city defensive wall

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In the beginning of XVI century Crimean Tatars began to seduce the districts of Vilnius, there was an urgent matter to protect the core of the city with masonry walls with five gates. They formed a closed ring, which ...

Vilnius city anthill

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Vilnius is one of the most expanding North European capitals with the largest Baroque Old Town in the world. City combines the past with the present and the future, which includes world cuisine, a rapidly expanding ni...

Bruarfoss falls, I named it Scorpio falls

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Bruarfoss falls, I named it Scorpio falls. You can imagine a worn out poisonous tail a sting, a wide knife and a muzzle that is eaten by a waterfall that flows through the area, water releases poison to the world. By ...

The most famous waterfall in Iceland Gullfoss

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The most famous waterfall in Iceland Gullfoss, has an impressive double cascade (2 in 1). Water drops even 32 meters down the wall in the groove, which flows further into the Atlantic Ocean. On sunny days fog creates ...

Octopus eye.

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One of Iceland's most famous and most visited tourist destinations is geyser grove, with its original hot water channel. About an hour drive from the capital - Reykjavik and here you are. This area was discovered 800 ...

Mother Nature has prepared for you Kerid volcanic lake.

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In Iceland you can‘t see just a stunning lake. No, he must be inside the volcano. And sometimes this is not enough, so Mother Nature has prepared for you Kerid volcanic lake. He sits in volcano about 6500 years surrou...

This is the Skaftafell Glacier

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This is the Skaftafell Glacier - the biggest "ice cube" in Europe. A jewel of the Vatnajökull National Park crown, covering the breathtaking mountain peaks and glacial arrays. This is a most favorite tourist desert i...

Eric Dupin CEO DronestagramDear members of the Dronestagram community,
Four years ago I created this site as a side project. As an amateur drone pilot since the beginning, I had the idea of building the first social network dedicated to drone photography. Everything was free and we have not earned a single penny from Dronestagram as of today. However, we quickly found that the tim it took to build and maintain Dronestagam turned our passion into a full time job. I don’t regret any of the time or effort that we have put into Dronestagram, and am very happy to have done what I could for the drone community. Every day I let your pictures take me away to exotic places. But, Dronestagram needs to grow and we can’t do it alone.
Now we know that displaying ads to get cash does not fit for a platform like Dronestagram (low revenues, bad user experience), and this is the reason why we call on you: we need your financial support to continue and build a strong business model.
We have two priority projects:
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The benefit for you? Through the website, you will be able to monetize your work by selling your photos. Dronestagram will do your advertising and take care of everything else.
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