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June 19th, 2014 (11 months ago)


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Sofia, Bulgaria

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St.Alexander Nevsky cathedral, the biggest one in Bulgaria and the second biggest on the Balkan peninsula at night!

Transfagarashan mountain pass, Romania

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The amazing Transfagarashan road, voted the "Best road in the world" by Top Gear, climbing at about 2000 meters above sea level, crossing the mountains in Romania. Amazing!

Sigishoara, Romania

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The beautiful medieval city of Sigishoara, Romania - one of the best preserved, old cities in Europe!

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Bulgaria, Plovdiv

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The oldest city in Europe that's preserved and still alive - Plovdiv, Bulgaria! Enjoy! Chosen for European capital of culture for year 2019.

Sofia, Bulgaria

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An epic video featuring amazing landscape scenery from a distant region in Bulgaria, Eastern Europe. The region is known to have more than 500 caves spread around; some of them quite amazing - just like the one in the...

Sofia, Bulgaria

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The Spirit of Football - The 100th ananiversary of a team and friendly match Lazio-Levski

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