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June 19th, 2014 (1 year ago)


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Flying above one of the rivers running through Sofia, Bulgaria

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Parrot Bebop drone flying above one of the rivers running through Sofia, Bulgaria.

Near Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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It has always been interesting to me how birds actually see the drone as a flying bird on it's own. It's just that different birds, in different situations will react differently - but all in all, they always communic...

The Paradise waterfall, Stara planina, Bulgaria

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The highest waterfall in Bulgaria, the Paradise Waterfall is a 120 meters tall waterfall located in "Stara planina" (old mountain) on the Balkans. A charming hut is located nearby where tourists can stay for the night...

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Flying in the suburbs of Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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Parrot Bebop flying around the suburbs of Plovdiv, known as the oldest still-inhabited city in Europe. Some high flying (150 meters); as well as some fast-paced shots near solid objects :) Enjoy! Note: No additiona...

Warehouse near Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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Little Parrot BEBOP doing an amazing job at low-light conditions with single-colored floors and no GPS signal indoors. Enjoy!

Flying across and through the “Arch of freedom” at the top of the Balkans

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Majestic flying through the gigantic, almost 100 meters tall Arch of freedom, located in Bulgaria (Eastern Europe) at the top of the Balkans.

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