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Pirin in summer

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Pirin mountain in the summer

Bulgaria from the sky ep.1 – Lake Atanasovsko

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Burgas Saltmines


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Celebrating Ludwig van Beethoven's 245th birthday with this video from my homeland. Hope you enjoy it!


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How to make a remote-controlled shooting star? Well, I show you one way using a drone and two huge roman candles. And yes. Do not try this at all, at least this is my advice to you. So if you ever would, do it on your...

Bansko, Bulgaria

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Bansko, Bulgaria

Bansko, Bulgaria

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Working on the road, Bulgaria

Bansko, Bulgaria

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Bansko, Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria

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Sofia, Bulgaria


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An amazing all-in-one video, showing the beauty of Bulgaria. Breathtaking nature!

Sofia, Bulgaria

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Steam train, first run after it has been renovated

Silistar, Bulgaria

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Silistar, Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria

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A Birthday Party

Sofia, Bulgaria

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Sofia Marathon

Sinemoretz, Bulgaria

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Sinemoretz, Bulgaria

Sinemoretz, Bulgaria

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Sinemoretz, Bulgaria

The distant beaches of Sinemorets, Bulgaria

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AMAZING video went viral for no reason, or at least I thought so! Beautiful nature as it is on planet Earth; beaches still not destroyed by buildings and hotels, looks like paradise...

Flying in the suburbs of Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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Parrot Bebop flying around the suburbs of Plovdiv, known as the oldest still-inhabited city in Europe. Some high flying (150 meters); as well as some fast-paced shots near solid objects :) Enjoy! Note: No additiona...

Warehouse near Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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Little Parrot BEBOP doing an amazing job at low-light conditions with single-colored floors and no GPS signal indoors. Enjoy!

Flying across and through the “Arch of freedom” at the top of the Balkans

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Majestic flying through the gigantic, almost 100 meters tall Arch of freedom, located in Bulgaria (Eastern Europe) at the top of the Balkans.

Flying around an old fortress and up a mountain to the very top with a transmission antenna, Eastern Europe

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Flying around the Bulgaria - Greece border, AMAZING scenery and music!

Flying above a majestic canyon of Erma river, eastern Serbia

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Breathtaking views as the drone levels up to about 300 meters above starting point, which happens to just reach the top of the majestic canyon at Erma river in Eastern Serbia (also known as the "Western lands"; as tho...

Flying around the national stadium in Sofia, Bulgaria

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Flying around the national stadium in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Balkan range, Bulgaria

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Just watch.

Bulgaria, Plovdiv

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The oldest city in Europe that's preserved and still alive - Plovdiv, Bulgaria! Enjoy! Chosen for European capital of culture for year 2019.