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Don’t forget Castelluccio di Norcia

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Castelluccio di norcia after the 2016 earthquake.

Fornaci di Caldè -Fornace of Caldè

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Ancient furnaces for lime on the shores of Lake Maggiore.

Verbano’s colors

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Flying on autumn colors, on the lake Maggiore Italy.

Verbano’s colors

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Flying on autumn colors.

Collage Monferrato/Langhe

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Flying above the monferrato Piedmont area and Barolo vineyard

France colors

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Colors and shenery of the south France

Formazza tra cielo e terra

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Formazza valley view between sky, earth and water.


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A video by drone/timelapse on italian Dolomiti


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Flying between the Monferrato hill

Alta val Formazza

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Flying over the high val formazza between the lakes of Toggia basin. Volando sopra l'alta val formazza tra i laghi del bacino del Toggia.


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Winter is come on Formazza Italy


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From Lake Maggiore


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flying over the formazza valley


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Fly on Alps, Formazza valley

Proh Castle, piedmont, Italy

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Castle of Proh in the Piedmont country


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fly on San Clemente Italy

Laveno mombello, via Labiena, Italy

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Fly on Laveno Mombello Italy

Riale, Formazza, Italy

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Snow in Val Formazza, Italy

Winners announced

Dronestagram drone photo contest 2018

Dear dronists,
We are very excited to announce the winners of the 5th annual International Drone Photography Contest. Thank you all for participating! We are very proud of our community!

We now have 3 beautiful winners. Please have a look at the Winners page and discover their amazing work!

stay tuned!