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March 18th, 2019 (2 months ago)


Invariably, you are the best person to decide what suits your taste and how you would like to be known by someone in particular or randomly by anyone checking your details for the first time. Yes an initial web browsing on the existing and conventional patterns in practice is also not ruled out as it helps guard you against the unaccepted norms. Good to be aware but only till a point where it does not hinder your own style in expression. A few common heads and requisites that can suit a budding CV for any industry are: • A correct selection of the size and type of font are really important. The main motive here should be not to impress on style of novelty but convenience in reading and legibility. • A strong emphasis on vocabulary, spacing and presentation of facts and above all grammar. These are elementary attributes that can easily make or break the very important first impression. It is a common practice to highlight and prioritize facts and figures in a CV, however, the above three hold equal footage. Remember the first impression is also the last impression in majority. • A formally introducing covering letter along with a well laid out passport photograph. In order to be different from the rest, this is another idea that is well accepted and throws light on your ‘originality’ of character in concept and presentation. • Just as the package of the entire resume sets it apart, the first few lines and their intent in purpose plays the deciding factor. As it is from amongst thousands of potential resumes, a study for detail is definitely not on the cards, hence the first impression created via the style of introducing sentences plays the paramount important role. • Make it a point to be sophisticated and low key in mentioning your achievements. The person reading should never be overcome with a feeling of irritation or being boasted at. In any case it is always a better to amaze the person with the heights of your actual achievement rather than put him off with the lowness of true facts against exaggeration. • It is always an impressive ploy to mention numbers and references alongside any claim of achievement under any profile. • Profile Centric: It is an intelligent option to prepare your resume in such a way that it caters to the kind of opening mentioned. A revision of the desired and essential needful mentioned for the profile is never ruled out after which the necessary changes are always welcome to be incorporated.


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