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Snow Dunes

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Dunes... Sunrise along Chemong Lake this morning right as the sunlight crested the horizon, illuminating the snow drifts. When shooting the tourism projects in winter I often find myself shooting mostly during golden ...

Half & Half

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Winterblast... The snowpack layered woods against the waters of the Trent Severn. Photo: Justen Soule

Summer Colours In Progress

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Summer Colours In Progress... I typically don't shoot as much in weeks of the winter to spring transition as it's mostly dull, crispy brown. There's no snow, and yet no plant life. This year I'm having fun with it.


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Rustic... Old windmills as the storms roll in, while shooting for the Heritage Trail project with Kawartha Lakes and @perfectwknds . There were dozens of these windmills dotting the landscape, supplying water for catt...

Calm Waters

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Calm Waters... Navigating the Trent Severn Waterway with @perfectwknds and @thelandcanadianadventures . @parks.canada has opened the TSW for the year, which means that summer is right around the corner. Photo: Jus...

Sunrise Missions

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Sunrise Missions... Happy International Drone Day to the enthusiast flyers out there. Solid sunrise mission this morning for some scenics. Get out there this weekend and get airborne! Photo: Justen Soule

Boldt Castle

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Bold Castle, Thousand Islands, NY.


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Fall-liage... The relentless advance of Autumn colours is creeping through the Kawarthas. I'm still amazed with how sudden the colours are changing this year.


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Powerhouse... On the eastern most point of Boldt Castle is this waterlocked fortress that houses Boldt Castle's power plant. Rebuilt in 1939 after a fire, they remained true to Goerge Boldt's design. This has to be qu...

Rising Waters

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Rising Waters... With the higher water level this year has to make things fun. I returned to Alexandria Bay to shoot right as the fall colours begin to take hold.

Open Road

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Entering Jasper, Alberta. Photo: Justen Soule

Canadian Crop Circles

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Canadian maple leaf cut into farmers fields. Photo: Justen Soule

Circle Back

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Farming in the Kawarthas. Photo: Justen Soule

Return To Earth

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Plowing mustard, exposing the earth to plant strawberries. Photo: Justen Soule


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Wakebaording on Little Lake during the Malibu Rider Experience. Photo: Justen Soule

Canals Composite

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A composite view of the Trent Severn Waterway. Shot exactly 6 months apart during opposing seasons, the two images combine to create a great contrast showing the harsh juxtaposition of seasons. Photo: Justen Soule


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Eroding cliff face along Lake Ontario. The early morning sun, low on the horizon meant that there was no reflection on the water. Photo: Justen Soule

Howe Sound

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Paddle boarding on Howe Sound outside of Squamish, BC. Photo: Justen Soule

The Point

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Fall colours shining through on Sandy Lake, Ontario. The shallow waters create a tropical look through the warm summer months. Photo: Justen Soule

Float And Fly

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Shot this during a project a Elmhirst Resort on Rice Lake. Getting up before sunrise in order to coordinate these shots with the floatplane pilot was totally worth it. At this time of day the sunlight was only catchin...