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Christmas illumination

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Christmas illumination of my parents home

Cloud sea, Okitsu, Shimanto, Takaoka District, Kochi Prefecture, Japan

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Cloud sea

Shimanto river, Kochi, Japan

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The Shimanto River (四万十川 Shimanto-gawa?) is a river in western Kōchi Prefecture, Japan. 196 km in length, it has a watershed of 2,270 km². Its name is written with kanji meaning "forty thousand and ten". Since ...

Tsuno Wind power station, Tsuno, Takaoka District, Kochi, Japan

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Wind power plant in the top of tha mountain.

Takasu, Tosa-chō, Tosa-gun, Kōchi-ken, Japan

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Takasu Terraced Rice Fields stretch across the mountains on the highest reaches of the Yoshino river at 350 meters above sea level. The rice from this area is known as 'Aikawa Rice' and is one of the most popular and ...

Nakatsu Valley, Nanokawa Niyodogawa, Agawa District, Kochi Prefecture

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Flying with Original Hinoki made Multicoptor over Nakatsu valley(Kochi Japan)