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March 11th, 2018 (1 year ago)


Etizolam has been differently used and the dosages can easily mean a treatment of certain illnesses. A high dosage for example can be used to treat insomnia while a reduced dosage of the same drug treats anxiety. Proper use of the drug is always good despite it now used for other uses. This has happened when it's used for muscle relaxation, euphoric users and keeping you awake for longer periods. A combination of these has led to its disapproval by the doctors and it's in rare cases that they can simply advice their patients. Etizolam is an illegal drug in USA because of the euphoric effects to the users. It has been regarded not safe without the doctor’s prescription which has made it be used at rare situations. It is not sold in the chemists, pharmacies or given in both private and public health institution. The only possible way to get the drug is buying in the streets and online. Sale of the drug can remand you in prison in the USA. Disclaimer This drug is only used under the prescription of the doctor and if they think it will harm you they offer other variety of drugs. Using it without a well-designed dosage can lead to body rewarding. It means you will be feeling better on the drug which is a path to addiction and overdoses. Conclusion Etizolam is a drug that is fading in the market today. The users were specified as those with depression and mental illness. However, because of the euphoric effects it has been used to stimulate the mind and force a longer working periods. It should however be fully prescribed for a better use.


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