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Mountains at peace

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Snowy mountains and wood after the fresh snowfall in beautiful blue hour

Last rays

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Sun sending his last rays good night.

Laguna blue

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Sunrise above the stunning Croatian coast.

Countryside tranquility

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Sleepy morning in the village of Logje, Slovenia

Ridgeline vista

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Winter morning above Kanin mountains.

Winter below Ponca

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World's biggest ski jumping hill, Planica in color.

Monochrome valley

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World's biggest ski jumping hill, Planica in black and white.

Laguna gold

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Yachts bathing in the morning light on Croatian seaside.

Gravel pit

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Work in the gravel pit near Vrnika.

Autumn at the castle

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Snežnik castle in beautiful fall colors.


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Morning reflection on the Bled lake.


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Abandoned cycling stadium from above.

Up with the birds

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Beautiful start of the day with shepards on Velika planina.

Hazy dawn patrol

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Kayakers taking first ride in the misty morning on Soča river.

Cold palette

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Amazing patterns on the fields near capitol Ljubljana.

Last ride in

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Standup paddlers taking one last ride into the sunset on Sava river.


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Astonishing rock forms in the Croatian seaside.

Melancholic shadows

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Artsy play of light at the end of the day on the Bohinj Lake.

Epic sunrise

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Beautiful start of the day at Vjosa river.


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New snow fall in the alpine village of Obertauren.

Green living

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The green surroundings of Tolmin city.

Blue heart of Europe

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Beautiful Valbona Valley just moments before the sundown.


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Sleepy seaside in the turist part of Thessaloniki city.

Good morning, Alexander the Great!

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Statue of Alexander the Great in Thessaloniki.