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A tree in the ocean

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A great discovery of a tree in the ocean formed by rocks and a river.

Geysir Hole II

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Best shot I've ever had in Iceland with my drone

Everything changes

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Human sized Iceberg is moved by the ocean waves everyday till this black beach in Iceland. From above was one of the most beautiful patter I've ever seen.

Geysir Hole

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A geysir hole in Iceland

Val D’orcia Sunset

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A great sunset in tuscany


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A casual field in val d'orcia

Streets leads

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Incredible sightseeing of the dolomites

Val D’orcia Dreams

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During one of our workshop in Tuscany I cannot resist to take this shot.

Power Waterfalls

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The most freezing place on Iceland I've ever seen

Earth’s Eye

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I planned this shot before our trip to Iceland. It was a very good day and during our last workshop in Iceland we stopped a little while at Kerid Crater. I flown just 5 minutes before take this shot. It was amazing ...

The Iceland King

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One of the most beautiful sightseeing I've ever seen in Iceland

A Richer View

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A simple pattern from a harbor in Italy.

Val D’orcia Dreams

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This was taken during a Private workshop in Tuscany. The sunset was amazing. The view too.


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The city of vernazza Liguria