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Little Fork Lake

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View of Little Fork Lake

Big Fork Lake

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Sunrise over Big Fork Lake in Three Lakes, WI

Summer is Coming!

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The sun breaking through the clouds warming our hearts!

Fall is a Pretty Time of Year

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Fall colors in northern Wisconsin. Great place to shoot guns and romp around on a dirtbike!

Northwoods Sunrise

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Sun rising over Little Fork Lake in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin! Visit Three Lakes, Wisconsin!

Boat House

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Boat house on a calm, dreary day...

Putting Up My Kind of Walls

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Corey Seemann ripping at sunset across Medicine Lake, in beautiful Three Lakes, Wisconsin.

Blue Ribbon Bridge above the Clouds

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Fall colors and clouds!

Adaptive Skim-Boarder Going Huge

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Adaptive Skim-Boarder Crushing!!! follow Anthony on Instagram @aregolee2116

Neat Ice in a Snow Storm

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Flying over Little Fork as the ice began to form winter 2018. I love the cold!

Eagle Tree

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Bald Eagle perched in what I call Eagle Tree! There are always eagles here! Hope everyone loves seeing America's bird the same way I do!

A Whitefish Sunset

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Sun setting over the town of Whitefish, and a view of Big Mountain at sunset!

Tree Stand in the Northwoods

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Just a neat picture of the Northwoods

Lake Barrington Shores Recreation Center

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A view of Lake Barrington Shores Recreation Center, Lake Barrington, IL.