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Natural Balance

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Seagulls flock in the waters churned up by a large shipping container leaving Southampton Docks, UK.

The Kiss

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Aerial photography doesn't have to just be about flying high. Sometimes a drone can capture an intimate moment when the subjects are off guard, like this embrace between a Bride and her Page Boy.

Nature vs Industry

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Fawley Refinery, where the nature of the New Forest meets the Urban Industry of an oil refinery.

Man and the Environment – Panoramic

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A layer of mist masks the oppressive Fawley Refinery in the beautiful New Forest, UK. Shot on DJI Mavic Pro in Portrait Mode, stitched and edited in Lightroom.

Retro Vertical

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Spillway on the Sihl River in central Zurich, Switzerland. Shot with Mavic Pro, all editing in Snapseed.

Seagulls at Inchmery Lane.

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Flock of seagulls flying below the Mavic Pro on a coastal survey in Hampshire, UK.

Zurich Central, CH.

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Central Zurich on a beautiful Spring day.


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Seagulls flying below the Mavic Pro on a coastal survey in the New Forest, UK.


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Flock of gulls over Inchmery Lane in the New Forest, UK.


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Disused water outlet offshore at Calshot Beach, UK.


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Panoramic look at lingering mist over Fawley Power Station.

Holbury, Southampton, Hampshire, UK.

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Fog clearing over Fawley Refinery, UK. Shot with DJI Mavic Pro. Pano stitched in Lightroom. Further editing in Color Efex Pro

Lymington Marina, Lymington, New Forest, Hampshire, UK.

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Wightlink ferry returning from Yarmouth to Lymington, UK. Shot in DNG on the DJI Mavic Pro, edited in Lightroom and Color Efex Pro.

Dark Water, Exbury, Southampton, Hampshire, UK.

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"The Chosen One" Tree canopy and setting sun in monochrome. Yuneec Typhoon H with CG03P.

Calshot Castle, Southampton, Hampshire, UK.

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Red Funnel ferry crossing the Solent from Cowes Isle of Wight to Southampton. After a stormy day there were some great cloud shadows and mist over the water. Yuneec Typhoon H with CG03+ camera.

Beaulieu Road Station, New Forest, Hampshire, UK

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Late evening training session with Nieuw Bos Cycling Team. Movement blur created by speed matching with low ISO limit.

Fawley Refinery, Fawley, Southampton, Hampshire, UK.

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Above the fog at Fawley Refinery.

Fawley Refinery, Southampton, Hampshire, UK

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Early morning fog clearing over Fawley Refinery.

Fawley Refinery, Fawley, Southampton, Hampshire, UK.

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Panoramic taken above Holbury, UK. Covering The New Forest, Fawley Refinery, The Solent and the Isle of Wight.

Calshot Castle, Hampshire, UK

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Calshot Castle at sunset looking out into the Solent.

Ashlett Creek, Fawley, Hampshire, UK

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Ashlett Creek

Hatchet Pond, Beaulieu, Southampton, Hampshire, UK

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Sunset over the heathland of the New Forest, UK.

Warbrook House, Eversley, Hampshire, UK.

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De Vere Venues Warbrook House in Hampshire, UK.

Polypipe Sailing Regatta, Gilkicker Point, Hampshire, UK

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Racing action from the 2015 Polypipe/Sunsail Charity Sailing Regatta.