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Nina Trulli Resort – Masseria San Francesco

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Ci sono luoghi che visti ad altezza d\\\'uomo sono fantastici, immaginate visti dall\\\'alto. Ora date un\\\'occhiata a questo video e ditemi se non è così.

Porto di Monopoli, Puglia, Italy

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Porto di Monopoli

Monte Sacro, Gargano, Puglia

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Abbazia di Monte Sacro. Gargano


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Pizzomunno beach (Vieste) from above!

Gargano, Puglia

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Architiello di San Felice - Gargano

Monte Sant’Angelo, Puglia, Italy

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Monte Sant'Angelo aerial view from a Bebop drone

Monte Sant’Angelo, Puglia, Italy

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Monte Sant'Angelo aerial view

Gargano, Puglia

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Aerial view of the Gargano countryside from Bebop drone


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Trabucco (an ancient fishing structure) from the Bebop drone. These structures are from Gargano, Puglia (Italy). Here you can see the "Trabucco San Nicola".

Bari (Città Vecchia)

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Bari vecchia e la basilica di San Nicola viste dall'alto!

Margherita di Savoia, Puglia

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Margherita di Savoia is renowned for its saltworks, the biggest in Europe (the second in the world): is one of the largest national exporters of salt.

Otranto, Puglia, Italia

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Located in the south of Otranto, it's a quarry of extraction of bauxite, the mineral from which aluminum is extracted. The quarry was abandoned in 1976 because of the expensive extraction process. The presence of a...