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TOO Fast

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Time. It\'s a strange thing. Wait for it. Drone Hyperlapses with a special... guest :) Shot all around central Italy: GranSasso, Amalfi coast, Rome, Albano. Filmed 100% with DJI Mavic 2 Pro except for first shot.

A Short Flight

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A short flight, for someone a whole life. Gear: Panasonic GH5, 25mm Olympus, 50mm Nikon, DJI Mavic, Phantom 3, Phantom 4, Phantom 4 Pro. Shot at 95% in Abruzzo. At 100% at home.


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Can a long take, with only one camera movement, where nothing happens, be interesting? I don\'t know, but I\'ve try to be not boring. Let me know what do you think about :)

Campo Imperatore Dronie

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Another one beautiful day with my friend in Campo Imperatore, Abruzzo, Italy. A nice place to live and 'droning'

Campo Imperatore, L’Aquila, Italy

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Me and Logan, howling together.

Italy, GranSasso National Park

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Logan and Bruno will introduce you to the beauty heart of Italy.

Monte Cenerale, Italy

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Me and my friend Logan, getting wild :)

GranSasso, Abruzzo, Italy.

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Flying over the cloud in the beautiful GranSasso National Park, Italy. My friend Logan chose the music ;)