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Lava field flow

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Road crossin Laki lava field is

Ice crack 2

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Rose shaped ice cracks in Sweden, Akers, Malsjon Lake,

Ice crack

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Rose shaped ice cracks in Sweden, Akers, Malsjon Lake,

Ice rose

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Rose shaped ice cracks in Sweden, Akers, Malsjon Lake,

Heart of Adriatic Sea

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Heart shaped Galesnjak Island, near Biograd na Moru, Dalmatia, Croatia.

Fish shaped island in Croatia

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Fish shaped island is the inspiration for the logo of Brijuni National park, which was formerly Tito’s holyday playground. Gaz island, Brijuni NP, Adriatic Sea, Croatia.

Guided river meandering through lake

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River Zala thanks to guided meandering finds way through Kis-Balaton lake and marshy area.

Island in the lake

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Southernmost point of Kányavári Island located in the middle of the marshy area of Kis-Balaton lake, Hungary.

Heart shaped geyser

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Heart shaped geyser in Gunhuver Hot Spring area.

Peers in Lake Balaton

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Fisherman's peers leads from houses through reed to the lake.

Estuary in Bjorsa River

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Estuary of red river comming from farmlands and Bjorsa river, Iceland.

Flow of Glacial River

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Shapes and forms created by glacial river on flatland of Iceland.

Heart ice

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Heart shaped iceberg floating in glacial lake. Iceland, Fjallsárlón.

Small lake under the clouds

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Small lake of Laki lava field under the clouds after the summer storm. Iceland, Katla Geopark.

Lómbagnúpur Mountain

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Lómbagnúpur Mountain, a 688 meter high palisade of cliffs, surounded by clouds after the summer storm. Legends has it that giants live in this mountain, hiding under the clouds. Iceland, Southern Region.

Glacial river flow

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Glacial river veins of Geirlandsá and Stjórm near Kirkjubaejarklaustur village, braiding their way through black volcanic sand, constantly creating new paths, intricately intertwined, and depositing a nutrients of var...

Sand forms in tidal area

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Bizarre sand formation between beaches, muddy plains and marshes over a large estuary of Cadiz Bay, around salt marsh of Isla Trocadero created by action of the sea and fluvial sediments deposited over centuries. Cadi...

Trees of life

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Water leaks from collecting channel over the tidal plain, also traversed by livestock, in the salt marsh of Barbate. After decades of drought, grasses grow around small tidal streams near the sand dunes of Andalucia, ...

Sediments is estuary of Affall River

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Where the Affall River meets the Atlantic Ocean, there is a confluence of three coloured tributaries that wind through various farmlands. Together they casually flow to the ocean across the black sandy beach. Landeyja...

Marshland of Venice Lagoon

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Colorful grasses and swirling tidal channels on one of the 62 small islands in salt marsh of Lagoon Venice which is the largest wetland in the Mediterranean Basin, Venice, Area Lio Piccolo, Italy.

Floating icebergs

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Giant pieces of melting ice, remnants of the collapsing glacier, float motionlessly in the mud-coloured brown glacier lake until they vanish forever. Hoffellsjökull, Iceland.

Heart shaped by tidal streams

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Heart shaped by tidal streams in Venice Lagoon, Italy

Grado lagoon

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Abstract formations in Grado Lagoon, Italy,

Mussel farming

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Mussel farming in tidal area of French Atlantic coast in estuary of River Seudre