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Pontao da Fortaleza

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The point of the Fortaleza beach in Ubatuba, Brazil, and mountain backdrop.

Love is all around you!

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A natural reminder that we are surrounded by love, if you're looking in the right places!

Garden overhead at Airlie

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A direct overhead of the garden layout at Airlie, Virginia.

Rail Trail historic turntable

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Laying out at the center of an old railroad engine turntable along a Rail Trail in the middle of historic Warrenton, Virginia.

A Shadow of Love

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Love sculpture at Airlie casting its shadow on the meadow.


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Calm beach stretch in Ubatuba, Sao Paulo, Brazil. A reminder that patience is a virtue. ;)

Drag racing

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An overhead of my car and myself in a field in Hagerstown, MD

Get high, stay high!

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Flying high above Santa Rita beach looking back at marina and mountains, along the coast of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Praia da Fortaleza boating

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Beautiful brazilian beach along the coast of Sao paulo State.

3D Love

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My wife and I snapping a dronie together. I edited this pic for a 3D look and made an anniversary card out of it. ;)

Overhead Filter Pop Out

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Overhead shot edited for a more 3D look.

Illabella Beach Boats

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Boats outside a yacht club in Illabella, Brazil.

Dropping the ball

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Basketball overhead court hang

4 Color Boat flag

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And edited boat overhead, to look similar to a pattern or flag.

Caio towering over Camden Yards

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Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland, my son Caio stands tall overlooking a local game in play!

Corner of the Beach

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Corner of the beach at Praia do Felix (Felix Beach) Ubatuba, Brazil.

Fall Basketball

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Basketball court dronie during autumn.

Colored cracked earth boating

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An edited overhead of boats along cracked surface.

Ubatuba neighborhood in Brazil

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A neighborhood on the hill just behind Praia do Felix (Felix Beach) in Ubatuba, Brazil.

Paddle Boarding through green jello

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Paddle boarder gliding through a sea of tranquil green and cracked seabed.